Electric Cello

Walnut Front Up and Down SmallAllow yourself to be feel the power plugged in!  Or find serenity in isolation.  This electric cello encourages it.  Hand carved from a solid block of wood the feel of this cello is that of art.  With every smooth unique curve inspiring creativity and expanding your rang of expression, there are no boundaries.

Available in 4, 5 or even 6 String our base model uses a piezo transducer embedded under the bridge to transfer the vibrations of the strings as well as the response of the wood to create a rich tone.  The option of direct to jack, passive or active controls with volume, tone or even hi/low/mid are all available.  If you would like to combine the pure full frequency response of a magnetic pickup we offer custom Areo Pickups, under a custom cover to match the cello, placed directly below the fingerboard with a blend control allowing further sculpting of your tone.

  • Maple, Cherry, or Walnut
  • Full 27″ scale
  • 4, 5 or 6 string
  • Solid neck through Design
  • Hipshot Tuning Machines
  • Piezo Bridge Pickup
  • Optional custom Areo single coil pickup
  • Passive or electric pickups
  • Your Choice of Stain/oil

Starting at $1100


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*Every cello is made to order please allow around a month for us to build yours.