Anderson Custom Instruments was founded by engineer musician and luthier Nathan Anderson. After making an EUB to take on the road due to the obstacles of traveling with an upright bass. After using the Bass on the road for 2 years and with all the positive feedback he decided to make a few more.  Soon Nathan was commissioned to build an electric cello and ACI was born.

Functional art is a concept that has been somewhat lost in today’s world of big box stores selling the cheapest product that just barely does what it needs to do and then breaks.  We build instruments that will last sound great and are inspiring to behold.  Believing that hard work, innovation, and a keen eye will produce a superior product allows us to build an instrument that can hold its own against any other.

Feed back and questions are always welcome at andersoncustominst@Gmail.com or call Nathan at 321.544.4683

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